Some Great Free Software And Services For Web Entrepreneurs

Some Great Free Software And Services For Web Entrepreneurs

The great thing about making money for you is that it’s so easy these days. Thankfully, the web has made it much easier for an entrepreneur to launch all kinds of online businesses whether that means running a website, selling a video game, making an e-book or providing some kind of service (or doing all of those things).

Some Great Free Software And Services For Web Entrepreneurs

There is so much in place for people to use and the great news is that some of it are even free. Here we will look at some free software and some free services you can use to start making money online and to get creative.



Ever looked at some of the amazing things people create in Photoshop and wish you could afford I yourself and do the same? Well good on you for not just downloading it illegally… Still, though, there’s no need to fret and no reason you shouldn’t join in the creative process. Just download GiMP and what you have there is an almost-as-good piece of editing software completely for free.

Download GiMP



For the budding games creators among you, there is one big challenge. Sure you can program the levels and you can make the images in the paint if necessary… but where will you source the music and sound effects? Well fear no more – Musagi is here which is a highly useful tool for creating your own chiptune soundtracks and sound effects that sound like they came straight from a classic SNES or Mega drive game. It’s a hobbyist project I believe so don’t expect a highly polished product and prepare to throw things at your computer occasionally – but still as a free tool, you can’t complain.

Download Musagi



Shapeways is a genius service that allows budding inventors to create their own 3D projects by just uploading a CAD file and then sell those to paying customers. What’s so smart about this is that it’s ‘Print on Demand’ meaning that you don’t need to pay for a whole bunch of them up front and there’s no cost to you until you make a sale. In other words, you are guaranteed to make a profit (as long as you sell just one…).




If you were impressed with Shapeways but aren’t quite adept at making your own CAD files, then you can use LuLu to do the same thing with book publishing. This way you can make your own novels and textbooks and you’ll only pay for the printing costs when they actually sell.




Kickstarter is an entrepreneur’s dream and can help you to find funding for almost any project you can think of – whether it’s putting on a concert or building a watch. All you need to do is to upload your idea and from here you can then get the interest of investors willing to put money into your project. Of course, you give a cut of the money you raise to Kickstarter, and you will need to offer the investors something in return for their capital – but it’s free to upload your projects and you millions have been raised as funding.