Crime Prevention Using Social Media

Crime Prevention Using Social Media

There is no stopping the internet. For better-or-worse, it has become an integral part of human existence. On the bad side, vast connections have spawned new breeds of crime such as cyber stalking, reports of fraud, posting abusive messages, and many other technology-savvy criminals. Social Media is already a dime in a dozen, law enforcers must promote partnership to citizens. Through this, they empower people making them a valuable asset in crime prevention. How can Law Enforcement use Social-Media for crime prevention?

Here are some Social Media Crime Prevention Tips:

1. Post Tips

Post Tips

Social Media pages are the excellent source of platforms for posting crime prevention tips. With this, tips can be reinforced and emphasized for crime prevention activity for a particular month or time. The example would be, for summer you can highlight “Theft Awareness” and put some suggestions on how you can avoid being a victim.

2. Support the community’s watch group

Support the community’s watch group

Maintaining involvement for Law Enforcement in watch group activities is important. The work of the group can be linked to the use of social media, to the priorities of the department. With this, they sustain a good working relationship. More so, the group will be recognized in which the community will support crime prevention and goodwill.

More importantly, social media was used to effectively spread information to the community, and as well as to other neighborhood watch groups.

3. Promote Crime Prevention Event

Promote Crime Prevention Event

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on can be used to organize crime prevention events and activities. It’s an effective way to empower the community to become active in crime prevention.

4. Creating a blog

Creating a blog

This is one good way of social media crime prevention tip. Everybody can make a blog, in fact, blogs are everywhere. With this, making a blog solely devoted to crime prevention will keep the community aware. More so, deliver valuable information to the police.

In addition, because blogs are created to be interactive it encourages the exchange of information providing feedbacks to better develop the blog.

5. Web Chat

Web Chat

Hosting a crime prevention web chat will with public information officer, will enable the community to be aware of ways how they can keep the community safe. In addition to this, because web chats are active it keeps information flowing through question and answer. It great social media crime prevention tip for the whole community to indulge too.

6. Podcast


It is an audio presentation that can be uploaded and download by any person. Though this is not active, it can also be used as a crime prevention tool to people who want to listen and learn at their own pace. More so, it would be great to post it to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.Millions of people have spare time to look into their social media accounts. More so, a lot of people want to be safe wherever they go, and it’s a doozy to social media to enhance awareness of the community.

In addition, everyone has a voice in social media, and it’s just a matter of time and ways on how that voice can be heard. With this, the social media crime prevention tips will help both the community and law enforcement to hear that voice. After all, building and sustaining that relationship is a key element to success.

Three Common Mistakes Business Owners Make On Twitter

One of the best things a business owner can do to increase chances of success is to go online. In other words, it is a smart idea to get heavily involved with social media, including sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Why are these sites so beneficial? For one thing, they provide a simple way to reach millions of people instantly (and constantly.) For another thing, in what another way can a business owner market so inexpensively? In fact, one can set up a page on these sites for free.

Three Common Mistakes Business Owners Make On Twitter

While any of these sites will further the success of a business, perhaps the most effective is Twitter. Many individuals use Twitter for business needs, so it creates a great atmosphere to engage in these types of interactions. But even though Twitter provides a good way to connect with others and become more well-known, it will only work in a business owner’s favor if he or she “does things right.” You’ll want to make sure you’re not making mistakes other business owners have made before you.

Here are a few things to avoid when using your Twitter account for business purposes:

Advertising Rather Than Engaging In Conversations

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is advertising rather than engaging in conversations with other Twitter users. You should never use Twitter as a way to blatantly promote your services or products. Instead, you should do this through conversation. Post links and engages in thoughtful conversations about the services you provide. Basically, make your page interesting so others want to follow you. If you are just pushing your product, others will not want to follow your page. Instead, you should aim to educate others and learn from them as well through meaningful interactions.

Advertising Rather Than Engaging In Conversations

In addition, respond quickly to the comments others make. It is also a good idea to comment on other Twitter users’ pages frequently. Doing these things makes you more approachable, and it increases the chances that they will do the same. You present yourself as an expert in your given industry rather than as a pushy salesperson who is just trying to sell, sell, sell.

Having an Unclear Brand and Purpose

Having an Unclear Brand and Purpose

Another “no-no” when it comes to business and Twitter is not having a clear brand or business purpose. You should have a strong Twitter biography on your page, where individuals who are interested in the content you post can easily find what you and your company offer. And again, you should have a strong presence through regular interactions with others. Doing this gives your potential customers the ability to see what your company is about without having to “shove” your services right in their faces.

Lacking a Twitter Strategy

Lacking a Twitter Strategy

Some business owners have claimed that one of the biggest mistakes you can make on Twitter is to lack a business strategy. You should know why you are on Twitter in the first place. In other words, you should write down your goals for your Twitter account. Is your purpose of gathering data on what customers want? Is it to educate others on your products and services? Is it to learn from other experts in your industry? Perhaps all of the above? Make a plan and stick to it. This will help you make the most of your Twitter presence and achieve the best results.

A Guide To Using Social Media As A Platform To Promote Your Business

A Guide To Using Social Media As A Platform To Promote Your Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of a business website. Without traffic, no one sees your content and your website languishes on the web as an unprofitable waste of time and server space. As with any type of publishing, the whole point is to draw the eyes of the public, which means that you will have to find them. Where do people hang out on the internet? Social media sites, of course. There are many whose entire Internet usage consists of time spent on Facebook or Twitter; many people appear not to know of websites aside from the two social media giants. The importance of social media promotion cannot be ignored by anyone who is serious about website promotion. While you cannot lose sight of other forms of promotion like SEO, social media is a very effective way to get a name of your website and brand out to the masses.

What Makes Social Media So Powerful For Website Promotion?

In a word, trust. People are more likely to trust content that is being promoted by those from their social circle, those they know and trust. To promote your website you will be sharing it with people you know, maybe even people you know in real life instead of just on the Internet. These people will be more likely to click on your links and offer feedback on the content you are promoting than if they were to receive the same link from a total stranger.

Consider these tips for promoting your site with social media:


One of the things that social media provides is a platform for communication. Communicating with your readers is a good way to make an impression on them beyond just the content on your site; you get to strengthen your brand a humanize it. People will be more likely to buy if they know that there is a real person behind the business who will respond to their queries. The more you follow up on your conversations, the more likely it is that people will be interested in what you have to say and have positive feelings about your website and your brand.

Make Sharing Easy

You do this by providing ways for your website’s visitors to easily share your content with their own social circles. This can be done via widgets provided by all of the major blogging platforms, or you can just install your own. These widgets allow people to easily click a button and publish a link to your site for all of their friends to see.

Post Lots of Pictures

Visual content gets attention faster than any other type of content. You will want as many original pictures as possible; of course, the pictures should be relevant to the content of your website.

Concentrate Your Efforts on the Big Two

Facebook has more than a billion users and Twitter is said to have 500 million users. Those numbers add up to a lot of marketing potential if you know how to take advantage of the tools that both networks provide. Prioritizing Facebook and Twitter can help your content to go viral and bring in a ton of visitors.

Just how important is social media promotion? Consider the fact that Google’s search algorithms now take social media presence into account when determining a website’s authority. This means that not only does social media promotion bring in traffic on its own, it can boost your search engine rankings as well.

Why Spreading Your Brand Via Twitter Is Vital

Although many businesses don’t invest time in managing their Twitter accounts and just link it to automatically post their feeds from Facebook, others are already using it to successfully advertise and build their brand. So it seems a lot of businesses don’t know how to use Twitter to its maximum potential and nor do they know how powerful this social platform is when it comes to influencing people’s buying behaviours. A new study for Twitter by Compete has lifted the lid on just how the social networking site impacts buying behaviour. For a start, 67% of mobile users follow brands on Twitter and 45% are likely to recommend the brand they follow to their friends and following.

Why Spreading Your Brand Via Twitter Is Vital

The study, which analysed 6,000 users from the UK, showed that Twitter users are 1.4 times more likely to make an online purchase after seeing a tweet from a business when compared to a user who visits the online shop without seeing a tweet. So if your brand has Twitter visibility, then you are increasing the chances of making a sale. The “Tweets in Action Mobile/Tech” study also showed that Twitter users who see Tweets from mobile/tech brands are:

#1 More likely to visit brand websites

The study showed 62% of people exposed to at least one tweet from a mobile product or carrier brand visit mobile/tech brand websites, compared to just 45% of general internet users – that is those who are not on Twitter. Clearly then, Twitter is the place to be if you’re selling in the tech niche. So, you should tweet proactively and keep your audience up to date with new product releases and other announcements regarding your brand.

#2 More likely to search for brand websites online

According to the study, 46% of the Twitter users who were exposed to tech brand tweets searched for and visited those brand sites later on, compared to 30% of average web users. So, take advantage of this key finding and make sure your tweets also include a link to your online shop or to a specific product page to make it easier for potential customers to find your site. It’s clear that raising your brand profile pays.

#3 More likely to visit third-party review sites and check out reviews on products or brands

When Twitter users are exposed to brand tweets, they tend to visit third-party reviews sites to find out more about your business – what you’re selling, what previous customers think about your brand, what it’s like buying from your online store, etc. So, make sure you tweets are engaging enough to get your audience to want to find out more about your brand and your products. If someone shares an excellent review describing his/her experience with your brand, thank him and retweet it to your followers. Raising brand awareness on Twitter

Your goal is to increase brand recognition and this can be achieved by:

  • Providing excellent customer support
  • Linking to useful and interesting content
  • Starting meaningful conversation
  • Connecting on a personal level
  • Not clogging your feed with irrelevant tweets

The most common question: What should I tweet about?

Of course, you should tweet about the products and services you are selling, but don’t overdo it, otherwise your audience will just ignore you.

On Twitter, you need to become a master of “small-talk”. Chit-chat about anything and everything your following is interested in.

Give advice, ask for their opinion on something other than your products, share fun pictures and interesting news, videos and infographics.

Spreading your brand footprint as wide as possible has always been a good idea, and these stats from Twitter simply serve to underline the importance of getting your message out there.

How Three Weeks To Start Burning Fat Diet

Simply ahead and read through, focus on the eating routine and truly put it under serious scrutiny. I guarantee that you’ll be really stunned at the outcomes you can really see in simply an issue of days.

The Main Diet Schedule

diet plan schedule

The 3 Week Diet isn’t all that matters I guaranteed, just let me know and I’ll discount each and every penny of your venture into the framework no inquiries inquired. The main secret behind this program is signaling body to burn stored fat for energy and then creating starvation mode into the body. When body enters into starvation mode then body will burn stored fat for fueling liver, heart and other organs of the body. This is completely safe, natural and scientific proved weight loss technique.

three week-diet

This is not like other weight loss techniques that work for some instead this scientific proved technique works for every man and woman.The place the “elastic meets the street.” Unlike those “one-size-fits-all” weight control plans, The 3 Week Diet Manual will demonstrate to you best practices to ascertain your incline body mass versus fat rate, and will then give you a particularly customized fast weight reduction plan to suit your body sort. You’ll know precisely what to eat each day, the amount to eat and when to eat it. You’ll never be speculating simply take after the blueprint and you will get in shape.

get in shape

Not with standing this, you’ll find the definite sustenances you should eat to amplify your muscle to fat ratio ratios’ smoldering potential and what nourishments you should maintain a strategic distance from no matter what on account of their capacity to back off or even stop the fat-blazing procedure. The Diet Manual is, in all honesty, a definitive strategy for delivering to a great degree quick fat misfortune results. Furthermore, it doesn’t stop there.

fat-blazing procedure

Likewise incorporated into The Diet Manual is my definitive, super-straightforward arrangement for keeping the weight you’ve lost off always, while as yet having the capacity to make the most of your most loved sustenances. This permits you to carry on with a “typical” existence without stressing over the weight returning.Brian divided this guide into four different parts to help users to learn the science and steps behind this technique. These four sections are Introduction Manual In this section user will find out the science behind weight loss and how body start burning stored fat. Further, users will find out why human body needs.

visit the 3 week dietHow 3 weeks to start burning fat diet?

burning fat

In this section, users will find out 4 phrases of 3-week diet (will explain in a little bit). Additionally, in this section users will find out how to determine his or her Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and calculate how much calories body needs to create fat burning environment. Brian also shared his tips on timing meal effectively to create 24/7 fat burning situation and balance hormones in the body Exercise Manual Exercises that Brian Flatt shared in this section will double fat burning results.

Exercise for burning fat

These exercises are short and need only 20-30 minutes a day for only 3 days a week.Will Power, Mindset and Motivation Manual This section is really eye-opening for me While The Diet Manual alone will deliver really astonishing measures of fat misfortune, The Workout Manual can help you to almost twofold your outcomes.This was particularly intended for the individuals who don’t have room schedule-wise to go to the rec center each day however it additionally incorporates an exercise center workout for the individuals who do. Also, regardless of the fact that you don’t prefer to work out, I’ve built up an activity program that gives “no reasons” since they take only 20 minutes a day, 3-4 days for each week.


The basic reality is, practicing for fat-blazing is not about investing hours in the rec center regular. This is on the grounds that fat misfortune is reliant on force, not time. Yes, it’s actual you can get in shape spending an hour or so on the treadmill however you’re never going to dispose of the obstinate muscle to fat ratio ratios that way. The way to crushing fat-misfortune levels lies in short and extreme, full body practices that get each muscle in your body metabolically dynamic.

visit the 3 week diet

When you include a quality workout program with The 3 Week Diet, you genuinely have a definitive “knockout punch” for to a great degree quick fat misfortune.The Workout Manual likewise incorporates my definitive Midsection Miracle Workout, which contains the main two abs practices .you will ever require in the event that you crave an arrangement of 6-pack abs. Numerous have said that this activity alone is worth a great deal more than the cost of my framework.

abs practices

Each incredible achievement begins with a choice to change your outlook. It’s you attitude and your inner inspiration that get you the physical changes you need to see.This manual will give you the procedures to concentrate on your objectives and stay spurred all through The 3 Week Diet and past into your ordinary life.The Mindset and Motivation Manual incorporates a huge amount of high caliber and usable outlook and motivational tips, traps, instruments and insider facts to kick it into high gear, as well as to guarantee you stay with your eating regimen and keep all your shed pounds off for eternity!

visit the 3 week diet

What is ClickBank and How Does it Work ?

What is ClickBank and How Does it Work ?

Clickbank is the world’s biggest web supplier of computerized items. Each day, numerous items are put into Clickbank’s commercial center for Online advertisers to judge whether they might want to advance that item or not.

The individuals why should newcomer’s subsidiary promoting visit Clickbank, inspect the majority of the items and after that set up crusades and web locales to publicize them. Desires are normally tremendous and the majority of the buildup that the ‘pitch pages’ of these items make frequently leads Online Marketers down a way of self obliteration.

Just a little number of people advancing items on Clickbank ever make ‘oodles of cash’. The individuals who don’t fit in with the ‘group worth knowing’ have no clue what they’ve done wrong and typically, subsequent to consuming much exertion, they quit.

To offer those simply some assistance with getting started, there are a few things that will help in figuring out if a thing on Clickbank might be worth advancing and whether it can possibly make cash. The focuses secured in this section can offer you some assistance with evaluating an incredible quality pitch page versus one which won’t change over.

Does the feature stand out? Does it catch your consideration? Does it deliver a craving for you yourself to wish to peruse more? On the off chance that it doesn’t, the time has come to look for yet another item to promote. If you are not pondering perusing the whole pitch page, nor are your guests going to be.

Once more, put your self in your client’s shoes. Consider the advantages and choices that accompany what the stock is advancing. Does it supplement your watchwords well for importance and does it create a yearning for more data? Attempt to see precisely how it advantages your client.

Items that are unmistakable will offer a considerable measure superior to anything different things. What’s one of a kind identifying with this item that different items aren’t putting forth? How might you be able to underwrite with this to accomplish an unmistakable piece of the overall industry that other individuals will miss out on?

Are testimonials included? They are crucial in demonstrating the believability of the stock available to be purchased. Highlighting a couple of these is great however an excess of can be overpowering and they may not be perused.

Clickbank requires all items sold to have a fifty six day discount strategy. Along these lines, if the certification is for more than fifty six days, it ought to get your consideration.

It’s astounding exactly what number of pitch pages there are which don’t execute a proactive methodology. It is difficult to make a deal in the event that you don’t educate a man on the most proficient method to continue to make the buy.

Phone numbers, email addresses, content connections to other site pages and select in boxes for pamphlets, free offers and trials are classed as “ways out” from the pitch page that advantage the seller rather than the web advertiser. Continuously look through all ‘ways out’, along these lines, to guarantee that they advantage both the item proprietor and the associate.

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